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Your Flickr account will be terminated!

It’s time to get a Flickr Pro account if you are a fan of the photo hosting service/social media platform. The Flickr commercial use policy has been in effect for years, so even though they have not enforced it in the past, they are now. It’s time to pay up or risk having your account terminated. According to this blog post on NWN, many Second Life residents with FREE accounts are in violation of the commercial use policy.

If you are a designer in SL and make money, consider Flickr Pro the cost of doing business, if you actually want to do business and not call it a “hobby”. As my friend says, even hobbies cost money. I’m surprised at the pushback from some SL designers and bloggers since Flickr is the photo social platform of choice for SL residents, and not even prohibitively expensive. It’s only $50/year! I’ve been a Flickr Pro member since November 2007 (proof below) and an SL snapshot addict with over 19,660 photos. I definitely see value in Flickr from the moment I started using it to cross-post my blog photos and saw that I could multi-task by promoting my blog and follow my favorite brands at the same time!


There are so many reasons that Flickr is superior to other photo hosting services, that it would be a huge loss for designers and Second Life residents if it shuts down. Would you support a service that you use for pleasure or for profit, for $50/year? Many brands in SL don’t even update their blog nowadays, so they rely on the social power of Flickr to share their new releases. And what will become of “flickr bloggers”, if they can no longer credit brands and post links? If you find value in Flickr, it’s time to go pro before it bites the dust.

If you want to remain a FREE Flickr account, here’s what you need to do to not have your account terminated:

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Your IMs capped, so what?

Hello from Enchanted Alice! Be prepared to fall through a few rabbit holes, but you will be rewarded with the most beautiful waterfall ever built in Second Life. I’m amazed it was built inside a skybox! You have to come see the waterfall, it’s breathtaking.

Enchanted Alice

Offlines is my favorite ways to chat with my SL friends when I’m offline. Anytime someone IMs you when you’re offline, the message gets sent to your email if you have it checked in your settings. Go to your SL Change Email Settings page, and make sure it is checked!

Offlines to Email

Sasy Scarborough goes into depth about Offlines to Email on her blog post, read all about it and never miss a message again. I often see creators or customer service reps. write in their profiles that their offline IMs get capped as a reason for missing messages, and I wonder why they’re not using Offlines to Email? Even basic users with only 15 offline IMs available, should be able to receive the rest of their offlines sent to email without missing a single message.

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Bakes On Mesh

Bakes On Mesh

Didn’t I warn that Bakes On Mesh was coming? I did. I said this was going to force mesh head makers to revert their UV maps back to standard SLUV, too, because everyone is going to start using standard skins more and more now. If you are a mesh head developer and your heads don’t adhere to standard SLUV, get on it. You will lose money eventually because customers are going to want to wear whatever skin they want with whatever head they buy.

So, what the hell is Bakes On Mesh?

Bakes on Mesh (yes, plural, according to this SL wiki page) is a new feature in Second Life that automatically “bakes” your standard skins and tattoo layers to your mesh bodies and heads. Whenever you switch skins or wear different layers of tattoos on your body, your mesh will automatically update your look without you having to do anything.

Over time, there will be less and less dependency on applier routers like Omega, because now Second Life’s system is the applier. However, you’ll want to check with your mesh body maker to be sure their body is BoM ready. If it isn’t, they should be updating soon.

Only certain SL clients can render Bakes On Mesh, too. If you want to be absolutely sure you can see the new feature, head over here to download the official Second Life client.

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Second Life Photo Filters


I updated my Second Life Official viewer today, and noticed that filters are now available for SL pics!! How long has this been a feature? All of the filters are pretty basic, and can easily be done with a single click using any online image editor, if you’re not savvy with Photoshop. I’m impressed that SL has this feature, especially for my friends that don’t like to edit their photos, or don’t know how.

What do you think about the new SL filters? Let me know in the comments!NEW SL Filters!

Select filters from the drop down menuNEW SL Filters!Raw image from SL (Autocontrast filter)

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
Truth – Grande 2
Truth – Lilith Headband
Katat0nik – (Sheen/Average) Heart Playgirl Dress

Know your Mesh Lashes

Mon Cheri

I love lashes, my avatar feels naked without them! I won’t go anywhere without my prim/mesh lashes, so I’m always looking for new ones to add to my collection. Mon Cheri just released the new Falsies lashes that includes a fantastic HUD to change between 3 styles, and different textures style such as Solid, Dipped, Glitter, Natural, or even plain White, so you can tint them any color you want!

Mon Cheri

I think that these lashes are really nice, and easy to fit, but they’re also very full & long. When I wear these, I will probably not wear the lower lashes, and just wear the top lashes + some more subtle lower lashes. The Mon Cheri lash pack includes a top prim, bottom prim, plus top+bottom prim.

Mesh Lashes

A lot of people don’t know the difference between their mesh lashes, cos I see the same questions being asked over and over again. The most popular one is, “Why are my lashes clumpy?” Because you’re wearing mesh Individual Prim Lashes or Sculpted Prim Lashes (these are the only two styles that will clump). There’s probably a fix to this, but not if you like to have your graphics set to Ultra & with shadows turned on.

A Guide to Lashes:

Mesh Individual Prim Lashes = Individual lashes, no alpha glitching, will clump from far away.

Mesh Alpha Texture Lashes = Single prim with alpha texture applied, does NOT clump, has alpha glitch with the default lash (darn bug that LL fixes, and breaks with each viewer update).

Other lash styles:

Prim Alpha Lashes = What we all have. They’re just regular prims with alpha texture applied. I love these though, cos the lashes are so fine & pretty!

Sculpted Prim Lashes = Similar to Mesh Individual Lashes

Texture Lashes = tattoo layer

Mesh Alpha Texture Lashes

Mesh Alpha Texture Lashes are great! I love my S@R ones, but I usually pair it with something else on the top lashes to make it fuller. To have really great lashes, you should wear the lash alpha to get rid of the default SL lashes AND add a black eyeliner, this will fill in any gaps and create a nice smooth line where the prim meets your eyelid.

Do you have any other tips to add to this? What are YOUR favorite lash brands or lash styles?

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

This is How to make poses in Second Life, part 2! I will show you guys a super easy way to mirror poses in DAZ Studio (version 4.6). Big thanks to Melanie, who showed me how to do this last year!

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

How to Mirror Poses in Daz Studio

1. Select the figure in the Scene Tab.
(You can also select the figure simply by clicking on the SL avatar in the main window. I usually click on the Pelvis to select.)

2. Click on the ‘Active Tab’ options button on the Parameters Tab. This button is in the upper right corner of the tab.

In the menu that appears, choose “Symmetry.”

In the Symmetry Dialogue Menu, choose the following settings:

Nodes: Selected
Propagation: Recursive
Direction: Swap Left and Right
Trunk Nodes: Mirror Y|Z Rotations
Left Node: left;l
Right Node: right;r

Transforms: Rotation: check x, y, z
Translation: Check x, y, z
Scale: Check all

3. Press ‘Accept’ on the bottom


Instructions modified from the How to do Mirror Symmetry DAZ3D tutorial to work for SL.

Read Part 1 – How to make poses in Second Life

How to make poses in Second Life, part 2 / mirror

I made two poses and mirrored them for fun! Maybe some day I’ll package these tutorial poses and put them on MP!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Harley (Peach)
Truth Hair – Rocky
Ricielli – (S) Asymmetrical Shorts /purple
Ricielli – (S) Braided Belt
Ricielli – (S) Satin Top /white
Ricielli – The Birkin Bag (R HAND) /wine
Sax Sheperd Designs – Frills (Ione) Necklace (Hang)
ELEGANZA by Steffen Garcia (White)

Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose

Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose

It use to drive me insane when I tried to edit my shape, and the glaring bright light made it impossible to see my avatar’s features! I also was not a fan of the ‘edit’ pose, cos I prefer to use my own poses — even when I’m editing jewelry or clothes. A few years ago, I think SL introduced a feature in the official viewer (and maybe TPVs too), to  uncheck going into the automatic position for appearance and build/edit. I’ll show you guys how!

I had assumed that many people already knew about this lil’ feature, but I asked my friends and some of them didn’t know.

I’m using the official SL viewer, with the Starlight skin, so the instructions are for this viewer only, but it’s probably similar in TPVs.

To get rid of the edit pose:

Go to Preferences -> Move/View/Display tab -> Move/View tab -> find Automatic position for: Build/Edit and Appearance, uncheck Appearance.

I have Build/Edit unchecked too, but just the Appearance controls Editing Shape.

Now let’s talk about the bright light! I actually accidentally discovered this, when I asked my friend if she had the light and she said yes, since I haven’t seen it myself in years. What I discovered was that, with low graphic settings, you will get the light when editing appearance, cos “Advanced Lighting Model” is disabled/unchecked.

To get rid of the light:

Go to Preferences -> Graphics tab -> make sure your graphics Quality is higher than Low, Advanced Lighting Model should be checked. That’s it. It’s usually on  by default, if your graphics quality is Medium to High.

Since the introduction of mesh clothing, I like to stand on my pose stand, change my outfits, and adjust my shape to fit the clothes without going into the editing pose! It’s sooooo useful, I hope this helps you guys too!

Happy Editing!

New Clouds for Second Life

new clouds

New Clouds! Cumulo-Nimbus

Cotton Candy Skies

Default SL Clouds

Tired of looking at the same old clouds? Check out these gorgeous new clouds, first available in the Firestorm viewer over three weeks ago. I don’t use a Third Party Viewer, so I didn’t get a chance to play with them, until Ziki showed me how to get these gorgeous clouds in the official Second Life Viewer too!

Vincent Nacon created the cloud files, and has a clouds tutorial for Firestorm posted on the Second Life Forum.

If you want these files in the official Second Life viewer, just download the clouds2.tga file, and replace the existing clouds2.tga file in your Second Life folder on your computer. Read Vincent’s tutorial to get the download links for the .tga files.

Find Clouds2.tga in your Second Life folder at (or elsewhere, it depends on your computer):

C:Program Files (x86)SecondLifeViewerapp_settingswindlightclouds2.tga

After you replace the clouds2.tga file, relog. You’ll have to do this each time you want to play with a different cloud type, at least until the official viewer includes a drop-down menu for multiple cloud options.

I use the Starlight Skin by Hitomi Tiponi with my sl viewer, so maybe he can add a drop-down menu! *crosses fingers*

Are you as excited about the new clouds as I am?, Online Photo Editor

Today my Plurk friends told me about a new online photo editor called Ribbet! Last year, when Picnik integrated with Google (closed), a bunch of us (former Picnik addicts) went to Picmonkey. I liked Picmonkey a lot, I even signed up or a whole year of premium service. However, it lacked one really important feature that Picnik had, which is the ability to upload directly to Flickr, instead of having to save the image first to hard drive, then re-upload to Flickr.

I took Ribbet for a test drive today, and I’m already a fan. It has everything that Picnik had, and more! It is Picnik 2.0! All the premium features are FREE now (that may change soon), but I would happily splurge on the upgrades just cos I love online photo editors for simple blogging edits instead of always relying on Photoshop.

Are you using any online photo editors? If so, which one?

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