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I love knick-knacks

My House

My two room cottage is so cute now!! I tried to find a place for most of my Arcade things, cos I didn’t want to hoard things that I have no use for, so if I don’t use it in my house, I will probably resell it. So far, I’ve found a place for a ton of stuff, but that also meant I had to remove a few things that were there before. I really love the Snow White set from OMEN, but I will trade someone a complete Alice set for it! So far, I just have the “Drink Me” bottle.

I went to the yard sales last night, they were insane but so fun! Soooo many people reselling things for $1000L-$1500L, especially the TB Suitcase rare! I wanted one, but not that much! If I was going to drop $1500L on a rare thing, I may as well play the machine myself, cos that’s about 30 plays! (1500/50 (average price) = 30). I did find two really cute TB decor for cheap, just $40L – the Bon Voyage Memo Board, and the Ready to Travel passport thing.

Have you guys found everything you wanted for this round?


  1. mythsinful

    Too cute!! You space is adorable! I love that creativity is endless in SL….but it makes me sad that prim limitations are so strict. I understand the whole thing about keeping lag down, but it still makes me dream for higher prim limits lol.

  2. Dorra Debs

    Where is the yard sale located? I didn’t know there was one!

  3. Chantel Ashdene

    Loving the look of your home! Beautiful.
    I have hardly anything that I want yet, I don’t even attempt the arcade in the first few days, lol.

  4. Funniesta

    I never liked decoration in sl, and decoration gachas for me was boring. But since last months my passion for decorations started to evolute and now i REALLY love decoration gachas. My favorite machine is definitely OMEN’s one. I just played one time and i got Snow White set. I pretend play more and more. In fashion my love went Glam Affair and The Skinnery skin gachas. I really want to get The Skinnery Alice Bare face but my limit will be 12 tries, so it will be a little difficult.

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