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Exile hair

The Malt End of Line sale ends soon! You can get this gorgeous Lorelai Vest in solid or two-two colors while it’s still on sale. I love this sculpted lil’ vest so much!

Exile hair

Exile – Georgina | Amira | Ariel

Exile has three new hairstyles! They’re so stunning, and youuuuuuuu neeeeeeeeeed itttttttttt. You do! If I wasn’t such a lazy blogger, I would do some artsy windblown hair pictures with the Ariel hairstyle on a fabulous sim location. Let’s just pretend you can visualize that, and see how stunning this hair is for windblown hair pictures!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Glam Lipstick) Hard Candy
Malt – Lorelai Vest (Snowy)

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  1. Bell Lectar

    A photostudio is a good option when you’d like at least some background but don’t have time to find a suitable sim or there would be too many people to quietly let you, or you know on a heavier sim you’ll crash faster than take a pic.
    Photography Studio Supplies is my favorite, they have more than a thousands of backgrounds of all kinds, and there mostly aren’t any light sources you might find unwanted.
    Good to take a quick artsy pic when I feel too lazy to go around searching for a real bg.

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