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Couples poses in SL

I collect lots and lots of couples poses, but rarely ever blog them because few of my guy friends are in my time zone, or they’re sl-married, or partnered, or whatever. Busy & unavailable people, pretty much.

I did manage to snag one of my oldest pals in SL, Chad, to pose for a few of these couples sets with me.

StoRin – Take me with You

This one is ADORABLE and very Tinkerbell-ish. I think this is a dollarbie @ the shop, maybe it’s still there.

Here’s one more close-up, of my butt!! I looove this pose!

Diesel Works – Don’t Forget your Valentine

This set includes an adorable bike in Blue, Grey or Red — and I think 5 couples pose sets built-in.

Diesel Works – Don’t Forget your Valentine (Poseballs version) no bike!

Big huge thanks to Chad for being the bestest male model on the grid (watch out, Zoolander!). See? He’s really tall!


  1. Natali

    *sighs* It`s just so hard to find poseable men sometimes, isn`t it?
    That`s an adorable fairy. So sparkly cute!

  2. Dottie Dosei

    How cute! lol Love the outfit!

    I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new poses – so I went to their shop and they have a nice section of poses and couple poses even a kid pose for a group of kids lol (it was a cute one 🙂 )

    Keep the Pose Posts coming!! 😛

  3. Annah Whitfield

    You are such a pretty fairy <3

    The poseball is still a dollarbie @ .:StoRin:. but there is one more (and new) dollarbie there!

    I love doing poseballs, so there are plenty at the store 🙂 It's a pity I don't use them more often too… no poseable guys to pose with me either :p

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