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Are you Naive?

Not innocent, not your fault.
Just Naïve.

Naive is definitely one of the cutest shops I’ve seen in a long time. I really like their clothes, it’s a sweet and sexy casual mix that can be worn to suit any mood.

Right now there is a sale that ends on April 20th on all the clothes, every item is $100L or less!! (Shapes are excluded from this sale)

Naive – Comic Collection Set (includes Bra, Shorties — top & gloves not shown)

I looooove this Comic Collection Set. For $100L, can you really resist??? Nooo you cannot!! This set is so hot my alt wants one too.

Naive – Comic Collection Top & Gloves, Naive – Basics Bubblegum/Sun

And panties… I realize this is the 2nd time this week you’ve seen my bum on the website, but I’m innocent… the cute panties made me do it! They needed to be shown 😛

Visit the Naive official website to see even more cute stuff!!!! 😛

What I’m Wearing: Naive – Comic Collection Bra, Naive – Basics Shorts – Winter (Light), Philotic Energy – Kitty Carry-All-Bear, Fnky – Cigarette, Bloody Hell – Bloody “Help Me” shirt layer, Kin Keiko hair – Lelu (Blonde), Juicy Classic Pumps – Strawberry, Little Heaven – Bloody Bunny (pink), Juicy – LoveLove Belly Ring (pink)

**** And because I like to share, I’m giving away my Juicy LoveLove Belly Ring. It’s available at my shop for FREE. If you want one, come to Juicy and pick up a free belly ring. 🙂


  1. .: Naive :. Team

    Hi Sweetie!
    Thank you so much for this awesome review! It was a pleasure meeting you and an honor to be on your website!
    The pictures are Amazing!!!! 🙂
    Abbie & Leah
    .: Naive:. Officially Sweet Team

  2. Anonymous

    thanks for posting this, I went and checked out the store. Very nice.

  3. Candy Lemmon

    First you tempt me with rainbow packs of heels, and now you exploit my weakness for cartoon panties. 😀

  4. ciccia bella

    … luv this skin…. credit?

  5. gogolita

    Ahh… Gala Skins!! its by Gala Phoenix, these skins were at Skin Fair, but I don’t know if she’s moved them to Empyrean Emporium yet. Keep checking..

  6. .: Naïve :. Officially Sweet » .: Naive :. Contest!!! “Are you Naive?”

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