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Grid Wide Egg Hunt!

Every holiday in SL has pretty much become free gifts overload. We’re totally spoiled by fantastic designers and I love it!!!!!!!! I started out my grid wide egg hunt at Canimal sim, but any other participating shop is a good starting point too.


artilleri – Charlotte dress (pink) – Soooo lovely. I didn’t see this color sold in store.

I this dress

Tuli Bunny Shirt + miaSofia classic blue jeans

I haven’t gone to every store listed on the hunt, so I’ll probably try to do more tonight. Oh… and, there’s a hunt for a great bunny outfit at Digital Knickers! I think all of this ends at midnight SLT, so go go go!


  1. helix rehula

    Gogo .. i was trying on the fashion iheart blog to be a member. But, I haven´t received a Response.. Can you help me , please?? .. I was on the iheart fashion feed before, =I i´m sad you had to bring it down.

  2. lurveBite jeans on gogolita « miaSofia the blog

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